A - 0.35 Euro/km
B - 300 km/day included

Book your memorable tour on the new Ducati Panigale
How to book our bikes
1) You can send an availability request or e-mail, you can call us asking for the availability of the requested model and period. 1) We reply in 1/2 days in the normal conditions giving availability of the requested model or of a different one.
2) You confirm the booking sending a message, or an online booking form or a fax with a valid credit card details. 2) We reconfirm the rental with an e-mail or fax and we are ready to charge the 50% of the rental cost at no-mileage rate as deposit.
3) You have 15 days to recede the contract and the ammount paid will be refunded; after 15 days from the reservation, the ammount paid will not be refundable.  
4) BE AWARE that the balance will be charged 15 days before the beginning of the rental using the rate with 300 km/day included, only in case of pick-up and/or drop-off not at our depot in Milano.  
5) The day of the beginning of the rental you may arrive before the beginning of the rental in order to save time and be ready as soon as possible for your trip. 5) We will prepare the contract in time for your arrival. We will ask you to sign a credit card slip with your credit card details for the required deposit.

The amount for the reparation WILL ONLY BE CHARGED on your account in case you will have physically damaged the bike and NOT BEFORE.

At the end of the rental we will do the final calculation of the mileage and charge the difference between the No mileage rate and the Rate with 300 km/day included, using the best rate for the customer.